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You need to use Wi-Fi and there is no better way to use internet from away of computer. Wi-Fi internet is very cheap and you will get many people to use internet now and most of the people prefer to use Wi-Fi internet. That is why, some people prefer to buy a smartphone. Because they get free Wi-Fi internet in many private and public places. Just using the Wi-Fi password, they can use internet for free. Now many users like to setup Wi-Fi at home and this is why, they agree to spend some amount money about $30 to $50. They need to buy a router which is available in many stores. You can also order the router from the Amazon or eBay site.

You should buy a router which is very popular and you should buy a router based on the review. You must not choose bad review router. The important thing of a router is the default IP address. It is necessary to use the IP address for many uses. There are ranges of the numbers of IP address which are setup by the manufacturers but the default IP address is used in the router which is also setup by the manufacturer. The users need some more things like default username and default password. The default IP address has many use and many people prefer to change the default IP address. It is better to keep the default IP address as same as it is. But you can change the default username and password. You can do this for the router security. However, router security is not so important. Because it remains your under control and near your area.

Wi-Fi is the main thing and it is spread through air by the radiation from the router. However, this is easy to catch from the outside of your home or office and use internet if the range can be caught from outside. That is why, users should secure the Wi-Fi connection. There are many ways to secure the Wi-Fi. That is why, the users should read the router manual and learn all of the ways of securing the Wi-Fi connection. You should thin

In the most of the routers, you will get encrypted security like WPA2 or WEP. You should enable all of those things and if you get better or updated security as encrypted, then you should use those. Password is very important thing for the Wi-Fi and it should be hard password. The hard password can be formed with the numbers, capital and small letters, symbols etc. You need to save the password in the router. Mac filtering is also an important method of securing the Wi-Fi and controlling the router. You should enable all of the features for securing the Wi-Fi connection. You can enable all of those features after login to the router.

Now you should think of the IP address wrong formation. There are some contents you need to know about those things can make the IP address false. You already understand that there are some causes can make IP address false. You should not use less or more dot in the IP address which can make the IP address false. That is dot (.). You cannot use more or less dot in the IP address than 3 dots. If you use more or less dots in the IP address, then the IP address will be false. You should use only 3 dots in the IP address. The 3 dots are made the IP address into 4 parts. So, you should be remained alert about this. Otherwise, you will face many problems quick.

The default IP address is necessary to change when you will be forced and you cannot use internet. This situation will create from the IP address confliction problem. This problem occurs from the same IP address when the same IP address is setup in the routers and other networking devices like modem in the same network. If you want to use internet and use all of those devices in the same network, then you have to change the default IP address and setup a manual IP address. After setup the manual IP address, you should save the manual IP address what you have used and created the IP address.

May be you know about the ping. You have used this command with the website. But you can use this ping command with the default IP address You need to use “ping” or “ping -t” to know the connectivity of the router. You can test the router and computer connectivity with the ping test and identify the router and computer problem quick. You need to use command prompt page to use the ping command. You can use manual IP address to test the ping command but you should keep trying to use default IP address. Because it has many use and you can easily

The same default login details are also necessary for login to the router again and it may necessary any time. If you set up IP address, username or password manually but you have forgot, then you cannot login to the router and there is no another way to login to the router or retrieve the login detail. Then you need to reset the router. Now you need to use all default login detail for login to the router. Now you just take a browser and on the browser address bar, type the IP address and hit on the Enter button from the keyboard. Now a login screen will appear where you have use default username and password.  Now press Enter button from keyboard and you will be logged in the router. Now you have to set up all of the settings of the router like before to use the router. You can use router manual to get help.

You should read the router manual and read this article. You can learn more information quick. Now you need to read the other blogs and search websites to know the information about the router and Wi-Fi. You can also use YouTube.com for video of configuration of the router and Wi-Fi. You need to know all of the information from the manual. You should not leave the manual and you do not feel any problem if you read the router manual. There are many ways you can learn from the manual. This is very easy to follow the manual and if you follow this article then you will enjoy the router and Wi-Fi service. It is important to keep you updated always.