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You read what I said about Generals? None of them started out as a General. Some started out as a pvt., others a second lt. and a very few a first lt. Westmorland was pulled out of Vietnam because Johnson said he was ruining our relations with North Vietnam. Westmorland was a very competent general. I spoke with him on numerous occasions. Even shared a drink with him a few times. As I said , your history is lacking, bordering on ignorant. Talk about some one that learned just enough to be dangerous, you take that cake. You mention a fact and sprinkle it with misconceptions, your opinion and not and them toss on a lie here and there. Now weather or not you know it is a lie, or your just repeating one someone else told you, I don’t know. But it really makes no difference. It is still the same thing. One question. When do you use the word “repeat” on the radio?